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Integrated Technical Solution of VOCs Industrial Exhaust Gas Thermal Storage and Denitrification

1. Regenerative combustion technology RTO
Principle of regenerative combustion treatment technology: Regenerative combustion treatment technology (RTO) is to heat exhaust gas to more than 700 degrees, so that VOCs in exhaust gas can be oxidized and decomposed into O 2 and H 2. The high temperature gas generated by oxidation reaction passes through ceramic regenerator, which means heating up "heat storage" and preheating subsequent organic exhaust gas, thus saving the combustion consumption needed for heating up exhaust gas and direct combustion. Compared with catalytic oxidation (RCO) technology, RTO can reduce the operation cost of customers under normal operating conditions.

2. Catalytic oxidation treatment technology RCO
Principle of catalytic oxidation treatment technology: catalytic oxidation treatment technology (RCO) is to heat VOCs of organic waste gases to more than 280 degrees. Under the action of catalysts, VOCs of waste gases are oxidized and decomposed into CO2 and H2O. The medium and high temperature gases produced by catalytic oxidation are preheated by heat exchanger and subsequently entered into organic waste gases, thus saving fuel consumption.