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Medium and High Temperature Denitrification Catalyst

1. Application Principle of SCR Denitrification Catalyst
It can effectively promote the flue gas denitrification reaction in a specific temperature range, reducing harmful nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water, thus reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides, alleviating environmental pressure, and providing effective measures for the treatment of haze and acid rain.


Each series of SCR denitrification catalyst products can be tailored to meet customer requirements according to different types of coal, different components of flue gas and working conditions.

Catalyst operating temperature range 320~420 C (high temperature) and 150~300 C (low temperature)
Chemical life: more than 24,000 hours
Mechanical life: more than 5 years
3. Production process of SCR denitrification catalyst
1) Weighing ingredients

2)、Strong mixing

3)、Extrusion molding

4)、First stage drying

5)、Two stage drying



8 transport 

4、SCR Application Field of Denitrification Catalyst

7.Engineering performance (part of representative performance demonstration)