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New Industrial Ceramic Materials

Application Industry of Structural Ceramics
Characteristics of Structural Ceramics

Constraints on the Use of Structural Ceramic Components
Among structural ceramics, alumina and silicon carbide ceramics are mainly used.
In industrial applications, alumina ceramics have very high resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and have the highest ratio of performance to price. They are suitable for most occasions.
Sintered silicon carbide is usually used at higher temperatures, higher toughness and wear resistance requirements.

Main Technical Indicators of Alumina Ceramics

Application of Structural Ceramics
1. Wear-resistant ceramic pipes
2. Wear-resistant ceramic elbows and valves
Usage: It is used for conveying high temperature gas containing hard particles. Its operating characteristics are high temperature, fast flow rate, high particle hardness, serious wear of equipment, especially elbow part.
Characteristics: a. Wear resistance: under the same conditions, wear resistance is 10-20 times higher than that of ordinary pipes;
B. Corrosion resistance: lining ceramics and inorganic adhesives can resist acid-base corrosion;
C. High temperature resistance: It can be operated at 350 C for a long time, and the general working conditions can be satisfied.
D. Reduce maintenance: Super wear resistance greatly reduces the frequency of overhaul and saves cost and labor.

3. Fan impeller
Purpose: Used in thermal power plant, pulverized coal conveying system, desulfurization and dust removal system.
Features: Increase life by more than 15 times. Unique technology ensures that the ceramic does not fall off, does not change the impeller process parameters, and the total weight increases by no more than 10%. It does not affect the start-up and operation of the fan.

4. Ceramic liner
Usage: Used in the lining part of coal drop pipe and coal drop hopper in thermal power plant
Characteristic: It comprehensively solves the problems of equipment wear and material plugging in coal conveying system of thermal power plant.
Wear-resistant ceramic lining parts of thermal power plant: belt conveyor hopper, bucket wheel barrel, coke bin, raw coal bunker, primary and secondary air duct, coal mill pipeline, pulverized coal conveying pipeline, cyclone separator shell, coal ash conveying pipeline, dust collector pipeline and elbow, medium speed grinding barrel and separating baffle.

5. Insulators for dust collectors
Usage: It is the key component of dust collector, mainly plays the role of insulating and supporting cathode frame.
A. In the high temperature environment of 300 C, the power frequency withstand voltage is more than 72 KV.
B. Compression failure load (> 500KN).
6. Mud pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps and pollution-free pumps in petrochemical industry.
Usage: It is used for transporting liquids containing hard particles, chemically corrosive liquids and liquids that can not contact harmful components such as metal and rubber, such as mud, mortar, acid liquids, and filling food-grade liquid drinks and dairy products.
7. Cutting Tools
A. Zirconia ceramic knife (for daily use)
B. Alumina-Carbide Ceramic Tools