Professors and experts from Wuhan University of Technology came to our company to guide the exchange

      On January 4, Professor Sun Huajun and Professor Xie Junlin of Wuhan University of Technology visited and exchanged with us. They were warmly received by General Manager Li Junying.
      Visiting guests visited our catalyst workshop and ceramic regenerator workshop. At the meeting, the participants and our company reached the intention of establishing energy conservation and emission reduction engineering center in building materials industry. Led by Liu Shenjun and Chen Hao, he is responsible for setting up a special working group to promote the establishment of the Engineering Center. During the exchange, the guests introduced the research directions and key points of energy saving and emission reduction, low temperature catalysis (photocatalysis), carbon dioxide recovery and solid waste treatment. The participants unanimously expressed their willingness to work with our company to concentrate the superior resources of all parties, accelerate the rapid landing of energy conservation and emission reduction engineering centers, and contribute to the sustainable development of the national green economy.